Dr. Aleksandra PEKOSAK


My career in pharmaceutical sciences was born from my ambition to foster a significant change in health care. Driven by passion for innovative research in personalized treatment, I pursued a PhD and embarked on an international journey that took me from Slovenia to the Netherlands, UK, USA and Switzerland. Following my ambition to contribute to the patients and provide them high quality medicines, I became a Qualified Person to release products for human use. My experience ranges from releasing of radiopharmaceuticals and biotechnological commercial and investigational medicines, various quality assurance topics, supplier audits, hosting inspections, new Annex 1 readiness to designing and building a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. I currently work at CDMO focused on production of viral vaccines & antibodies, and end-to-end continuous manufacturing of monoclonal antibody, applying my agile mindset, grounded perfectionism and strive for continuous improvement. A combination of my work, passion for horses and mission to connect&empower Slovenians around the world, provides me with opportunities to develop different skills, make an impact on others, and enjoy myself in new ways.