Andrea Marie Uvanni

The Moirae Group CEO, Principal Consultant, The Moirae Group

Andrea is what she likes to consider a full-time optimist, bringing strategies for success to every situation. As a consultant, she not only looks for ways to improve the process and drive efficiencies, she strives to educate the team on strategies and software to make life easier. Andrea’s background is in advanced industry project management, where she managed projects and programs that delivered multi-million dollar projects on time and on budget, with a never ending focus on quality assurance. She is a certified Business Coach and Financial Analyst. Andrea grew up with a family that owned and operated various businesses across services, retail and the food industry. Understanding the efforts to run a business, Andrea strives to make each client’s team more efficient so they can work to live, not live to work.

When not working, Andrea enjoys biking through trails with her son and fiancé, kayaking, and cooking enough for a small army even when no one is visiting.