Angela Liu

Associate Research Fellow, Pfizer

Angela Liu received her Master of Chemical Engineering degree from Zhengzhou University and her Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from Wuhan University. After a postdoc research in University of Delaware, Angela joined Pfizer Worldwide R&D to focus on PAT development and implementation for new drug products. The accomplishment includes Pfizer first NDA Real Time Release filing for Xeljanz IR tablet. Since 2013, she has been a core PCMM team member and provided critical contribution through the initial design to full commercial implementation, and then successful site transfer. She currently leads the PCMM PAT team. On this role, she established a highly competent PAT team for PCMM accelerated development, clinical and commercial manufacturing. She is responsible for delivering advanced PAT solutions for PCMM integrated control strategy as a platform. The achievements and impact including Pfizer first PCMM drug product Daurismo approval in multiple countries, and other projects on the PCMM platform. She is also a pharmaceutical sciences team leader for two early assets.


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