Antonello Finucci

Director Technology Management, Exyte Central Europe GmbH

Antonello Finucci is a seasoned aeronautical engineer and digital transformation expert with a robust academic foundation from the University of Pisa, Mannheim Business School, and Johns Hopkins University. With over 20 years in the industry, he has mastered engineering project management, operational efficiency, digital process innovation, and data analytics. His digitalization and autonomous systems work has impacted numerous companies' operational optimizations and growth. Antonello's pioneering efforts extend to developing digital twins and leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) in several sectors. He has innovatively integrated digital replicas with physical systems for real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance, revolutionizing maintenance protocols and enhancing safety while reducing costs. In AI, Antonello's implementation of machine learning and AI analytics has transformed decision-making processes and automated operations and generated insightful data interpretations, keeping companies at the forefront of technology. His contributions to digital twins and AI underscore his role as a visionary in engineering and digital transformation, pushing the boundaries of technological advancement in the industry.