Carl J. Carlson

SME - Biopharma Process, Exyte

Mr. Carlson has 38+ years of industrial process engineering experience. Expertise is in process development and production operations, process and facility design, integration of manufacturing expertise, process engineering, process control and cGMP compliance, providing an ideal background for quality facility and process design. Four years of operations experience at DuPont followed by Thirty Four years of design experience with architectural and engineering companies has involved bridging communication across executive, scientific, and operations levels of organizations. Lead involvement on Pharmaceutical, Biologics and Device projects has provided design tools and lessons learned on critical process and support infrastructure needs for both human and animal based projects. Responsible for development of project scope, conceptual design, detail design, and construction assistance for retrofit and Greenfield cGMP facility projects. Areas of expertise include Upstream and Downstream processing for many types of Drug Substances. Large Project Executions ($350mm) to Small Project Executions ($1mm - $5mm) involving legacy Stainless Steel systems and Single Use Technology.