Cheryl Essex

Head of Microbiological Control for Biologic Drugs, Sanofi

Ms. Essex is the recognized expert in Microbial Control for Sanofi Biologics manufacturers. She leads a committee of Microbial Control leads from across the global Sanofi network. Ms. Essex also supports regulatory inspections and conducts investigations, risk assessments, internal audits and training in the area of Contamination Control for the Sanofi Biologics network. Ms. Essex educational background includes a baccalaureate degree in Biology and graduate degrees in Bioengineering. Over the past 14 years, she has held various positions in Contamination Control and Microbiological Quality Control at established biologics companies, biologics contract manufacturers, and emerging biotechnology working in mammalian, microbial and stem cell systems. Through the course of her career, Ms. Essex has built strong technical expertise in all aspects of contamination control including facility, utility, and process design, and cleaning validation. She is also well versed in microbiological methodology and quality risk management. Cheryl believes that good control requires a solid foundation of rules, but excellent control requires an understanding of principles applied with good judgment. For this reason, she puts a strong emphasis on awareness and education for front-line staff.