Deusdedit Mubangizi

Unit Head Prequalification Unit (PQT) Regulation & Prequalification Department, World Health Organization

Mr. Mubangizi is a senior regulator with experiences in the regulation of pharmaceutical products, Vaccines, Vector Control Products and In-Vitro Diagnostics. He is currently the Unit Head of the Prequalification Unit (PQT) within the Regulation and Prequalification Department (RPQ) of the World Health Organization (WHO), based in Geneva, Switzerland. Prior to joining WHO in 2008, Mr. Mubangizi had served as the Chief Inspector of Drugs (1996 - 2008) where he was one of the founder staff of Uganda’s national medicines regulatory agency, National Drug Authority (NDA), in 1994. In 1995, he worked with consultants appointed by WHO to establish a drug registration system for Uganda and subsequently coordinated a team that established the GMP inspection system for local and foreign manufacturing facilities marketing their products in Uganda. He headed the Inspectorate and Licensing Department of NDA Uganda from 1996 to March 2008. He participated in the initiation of medicine regulation harmonization in East Africa and Africa in General. In 2004 he joined a team of external dossier assessors for WHO Prequalification where he was shortly promoted to the level of senior assessor. He has, on behalf of his country Uganda and for WHO Medicines Prequalification Programme, inspected sites in African, Europe, Asia, North America and South America for the manufacture of Finished Pharmaceutical Products, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Vaccines and In-vitro diagnostics; national quality control laboratories; and Clinical Research Organizations where bio-equivalence studies are conducted.