Francesca McBride

Director, Regulatory Compliance, Jacobs , Life Sciences

Francesca McBride is responsible for managing all regulatory compliance activities for Jacobs Lifesciences PharmaBio Practice globally. For more than thirty years she has provided Regulatory Compliance and Validation expertise to clients seeking facility and product licensing or accreditation by domestic and international regulatory agencies, including the FDA and the NIH/CDC in the United States; and the EMEA, PICS, WHO, internationally. McBride was assigned to the Jacobs European Region as Manager, Regulatory Compliance from August, 1993 to January 1995. She was responsible for the start-up of the Regulatory Compliance and Validation departments in this region. From August 2001 to September 2003 she was responsible for the regulatory compliance and validation leadership for the construction and startup of the Wyeth (now Pfizer) Grange Castle Ireland facility. Since 2009 she has been highly focused on cell and gene therapy facilities. As an integral part of the Jacobs EPCMV teams, McBride has provided cGMP compliance direction to Jacobs' clients and the project teams in the facility design requirements and the project planning/scheduling of the integration of construction, commissioning and validation activities to support the project schedule and obtain regulatory approval. McBride holds a B.S. in animal Science from the University of Delaware and is a member of ISPE.