George Todorov

Senior Process Specialist, IPS

Mr. Todorov has 11 years of industry experience with early to late-stage process development, IND-enabling studies, supporting external partnerships and consulting in the Cell Therapy and AAV Gene Therapy space. Before joining IPS, he directed a process group developing novel AAV manufacturing and analytical platforms through the evaluation of new technologies and continuous process improvement projects. George developed and implemented an AAV process scale-up for transient expression systems in mammalian cells, leveraging DOE yield optimization studies. His hands-on and consulting experience includes designing and coordinating laboratory expansions and GMP facilities for various Cell Therapy and AAV process scale-up operations. George is a meticulous, inquisitive, and data-driven leader focused on empowering and developing teams and organizations. He has trained and managed technical staff in AAV process development and production spanning cell thaw to final formulation.