Hubertus Rehbaum

Managing Director, Dr. Rehbaum Technology Consulting GmbH

By starting his own business as a freelance technology consultant, Dr. Hubertus Rehbaum pursued his goal to support his clients in understanding, using and exploiting established and future technologies for their business.

From the RWTH Aachen university, he received a postgraduate degree in Electrical Engineering (Dipl.-Ing.) and a postgraduate degree in Business Economics (Dipl.-Wirt.Ing./MBA). With his education in medical engineering, he then joined a global leader for medical products, developing hardware and software solution for neurohabilitation devices. Following this work experience, he went back to academia and finished his PhD in Applied Computer Science at the University of Göttingen. During this time, he specialized on data analysis, signal processing and man machine interfaces. For his studies, he conducted patient studies and collaborated with various representatives from the healthcare industry, including physicians, therapists, patients and suppliers. Similarly, he was involved in several, publicly funded projects, where he mainly coordinated between industry and academia. Still today, Dr. Rehbaum is lecturer for Knowledge Management at the University Medical Center Göttingen.

After these experiences in the healthcare sector, he returned to industry in a manager position of a global machine supplier, among other responsibilities, coordinating the developments towards continuous manufacturing and supporting customer projects which involved special requirements considering automation. During this time, he also gained in-depth understanding about pharmaceutical production processes, quality management and regulatory affairs (EMA/FDA). Finally, he was involved in corporate strategies considering products and technology platforms, but also introduction of IT-driven solutions for internal processes.

Based on this interdisciplinary background, experience and his strong affinity towards IT, automation and strategic thinking, Dr. Rehbaum is able to comprehend and analyze cutting-edge technologies and IT solutions from both the technical and economical perspective. Furthermore, he is able to work and communicate with different stakeholders, such as suppliers, operations, scientists, technical specialists, and management, ensuring that within projects the understanding is synchronized and therefore expectations are met across all levels.