James Golden

Process Engineer, CRB

James Golden is a professional chemical engineer with CRB and has 18 years of pharmaceutical industry experience. James was the lead process engineer for an 80k square foot GMP and Hazardous occupancy facility in the northwest united states. On this project he served as the process lead, overseeing the design and specification of multiple unit operations taking into account the client engineering requirements, GMP design guidelines, and code requirements for hazardous material handling design. James also acted as the conduit between the process design team, the validation and quality engineers, and the construction team. James oversaw the integration of the process equipment into the facility, ensuring that the architectural occupancy requirements, HVAC classification, and electrical classification of the building met the needs of the process. This is just one of the multiple projects James has led dealing with hazardous materials and how to prepare an engineering design to satisfy project needs and safety codes while staying within challenging budget constraints. James’ hobbies mainly focus on his family and spending quality time with them.


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