James Weidner

Executive Director, Engineering, Amgen

Jim Weidner currently serves as the Executive Director for the Engineering Technical Authority (ETA) group. Jim has 27 years of experience with Amgen, Hoffmann-La Roche, and Biogen Idec. Jim joined the ETA in July 2020. His roles include developing innovative facility designs, advancing Digital 4.0, providing global engineering support, and delivering on Amgen’s environmental sustainability ambitions. Jim’s previous role was in the startup and commercial support of the Amgen biological and synthetic facilities in Singapore. Jim led teams responsible for Process Development, Validation, Engineering, Automation, and Information Systems (electronic batch records, PI Historian, RT-MVDA, Lab Information Systems). Jim joined Amgen in 2006 at AML. He led the Process Development Engineering and Purification Sciences groups at Puerto Rico prior to the Singapore assignment in 2013. Prior to joining Amgen, he led Manufacturing, Engineering, Process Development and Automation groups at synthetic and biological commercial facilities in the USA. Jim has a MBA from Lehigh University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from North Carolina State University.