Janice T. Abel MS, MBA

Principal Consultant, ARC Advisory Group

Janice is a Principal Analyst at ARC Advisory group. With over 25 years’ experience in industrial technology, Mrs. Abel performs research and provides management consulting services for ARC's clients for the digital transformation,manufacturing execution systems (MES), and in extended technologies such as data platforms/historians, batch management, manufacturing visualization (e.g. digital dashboards, augmented and virtual reality), digital twins, and smart manufacturing. Her experience includes automation and application of bioreactors and other processes, as well extensive knowledge in regulatory compliance, and processes. A longtime member of ISPE (International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers), she has served as chairperson for several ISPE committees, as well as president of the ISPE Boston Chapter. She has also worked with FDA inspectors for their training. Ms. Abel is a frequent presenter and leader at conferences and has authored numerous articles. Janice has a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering and also an MBA from WPI.