Jean Hu-Primmer

Global Regulatory Lead, GSK Vaccines

Jean is currently the Global Regulatory Lead for GSK Vaccines’ US R&D Center discovery pipeline. In this role, she directs the self-amplifying mRNA (SAM) platform regulatory strategy for vaccines and therapeutic assets. Prior to joining GSK, Jean spent 23 years serving the US federal government, within the Department of Health and Human Services. Among her various positions, she was a Project Officer for the Influenza and Emerging Disease Division at BARDA, which included responsibilities as senior advisor to the BARDA’s Continuous Manufacturing Innovations Program (a joint collaboration with FDA). She has held positions at the FDA in regulatory science, pandemic preparedness and response, and counterterrorism policy.
Jean Hu-Primmer is a bench scientist by training, with R&D experience at CDC, NIAID, and FDA in the field of influenza virology, pathogenesis, and vaccine pre-clinical/clinical development, with a special focus on highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1.
She received her B.S. in microbiology from Cornell University and M.S. in molecular and cellular biology from University of W Florida.