Jean-Luc Gerling

Innovation Solution Manager, Compliance & Security Architect, Merck KGaA

Jean-Luc Gerling is a Senior Solution Manager, leading Solution architecture for Network & Infrastructure as well as envisioning Security & Compliance aspects at Merck Life Science with over 35 Years of experience. He has extensive experience across Pharmaceutical Process and Life Sciences Industry. During his tenure in various positions, he has worked on solution building for MES, DCS, SCADA and has done innovative work on Process automation & instrumentation from Bioprocessing through fill & finish to packaging and BMS. He has helped bringing to production the control process systems by applying an exhaustive standards integration and taking them through regulatory inspection reviews. Jean-Luc is graduated from Technological University Degree in Automation SAAR-LOR-LUX and added competency of Applied Master of Pierre & Marie Curie “Measurements & Industrial Control”. He is passionate about enabling user-centric operational automation on Industry 4.0, IoT, Cloud & digital technologies and solutioning the toughest technical challenges for the Factory of the Future.