Jordan N. Hjelmquist

Program Manager - Commercial Gene Therapy, Pfizer

As a driven, team focused, engineering and operations manager I have consistently overdelivered on my deliverables to help support the startup and commercialization of several facilities across several product portfolios. EXECUTION: I strive to execute my deliverables by ensuring those around me understand the common goals and the crucial pieces they play in them. It is incredibly important to me that project deliverables are attained through a common vision. I believe while it is important to execute on time, it is equally important to ensure the group executing is aligned with the overall vision ensuring no drop in continuity throughout the life cycle of the project. Throughout my career, I have executed my projects and overdelivered to my commitments utilizing the tools and resources around me in novel ways. PROBLEM SOLVING: Throughout my career, I have been challenged with assignments that have pushed the envelope for time, complexity, and operational difficulty. I believe each problem must be understood with no assumption unquestioned before a team can begin to truly solve a problem with an eye on short term resolutions that feed into long term, robust solutions in several different product portfolios (i.e., Drug Substance, Drug Product, Generics, and Gene Therapies) in many different settings across the world (US, EUR, APAC). SERVANT LEADERSHIP: Throughout my career, I have been tasked with not only individual commitments but serving as team leads (direct reporting structure and matrix teams) with overall team goals. I have taken incredible pride in not only leading teams but ensuring that my utmost goal is to empower my teams allowing them to utilize their full potential in pursuit of the team commitments. I have strived to ensure that my teams not only see the full picture and purpose but visualize themselves as a vital piece of this purpose with myself providing the base and channels for them to be successful. With a solid background and experiences in facility and equipment design, technology transfer, operational and process start up, I have developed a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical product and facility life cycle and have learned what it truly means to be successful in the workplace and personal pursuits.