Josef Herzog

Associate Director Automation, Zeta Automation GmbH

Since the beginning of Josef's professional career, he has been active in the field of automation, from small special machine builders to market-leading companies in various sectors. These experiences made it possible to bring differentiated perspectives into the companies, and to question existing structures and processes in a targeted manner. With an education in mechatronics, Josef has 25 years’ experience in various fields of Automation (biopharmaceutical-, food-, automotive-, steel- and natural gas-industry), 15 years’ experience in DCS and 10 years’ experience in Biopharmaceutical Industry incl. Batch Systems.

My professional background from now on backwards
- Associate Director Automation
- Team Leader and Automation project manager
o Built up Automation Team Vienna
o Execution of several fast-track projects (i.e. reduced lead time from 48 months to 24 months)
o Multipurpose pilot plant for more than 30 products
o Automation lead as EPCM contractor
o Development of automation concepts
- Project engineer Automation
o Several projects on different automation levels (PLC, SCADA, DCS) for biopharmaceutical facilities
? Upstream
? Downstream
? Solution preparation
? Buffer preparation and storage
? Clean media system
? Filtration systems
? Integration of package Units on different levels
o SCADA systems for cheese diary (60 to per day) and food preparation systems
o Development of a standard software for single use bioreactors

Prior ZETA:
- Project management and project Engineer
o Natural gas underground storage
o Natural gas compressor station
o Automated assembly lines for automotive industry
o Automation, customization, and integration of package units in the runout area of continuous casting plants

Education as mechatronic