Juan Miguel_García-Gómez

Juan Miguel García-Gómez

Head of Biomedical Data Science Lab & Research Deputy Director, Universitat Politècnica De València

Prof. Juan Miguel Garcia-Gomez has a PhD in Computer Science. He is a Professor and Deputy Director at the Applied Physics Department of the Universitat Politècnica de València. As a leader of the Biomedical Data Science Lab, he focuses his research in data-driven approaches to improving healthcare. He has been the advisor of 10 PhD theses about Clinical Decision Support Systems applied to Brain Tumours, Breast Cancer, and Biomedical Data Quality assessment. In 2007, he was visiting researcher at ESAT-KU Leuven. In 2016, he was involved at The UCL Institute of Health Informatics as a visiting researcher. His research interests include machine learning techniques for developing clinical decision support systems, data quality metrics for assessing biomedical repositories, and the design of medical applications based on big data technologies. He coordinated the development of data integrity assessment software for pharmaceutical manufacturing at the SPUMONI CHIST-ERA (PCI2019-103783, 2019-2023).