Kevin Hynes

Head: Business Intelligence & Digitalization, AstraZeneca

Innovative leader with over 20 years of experience in architectural design, facilities management, and building information modeling. Proven digital transformation success with valued knowledge in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. In his career, Kevin has been a champion of consistently improving his work environment and teams around him. Managing and collaborating closely with a young workforce has enabled his team(s) to achieve continuous innovation. His team has spearheaded the industry by developing an in-house automated integrated platform for facilities and operations management that has broken a lot of existing silos, leading to easily accessible reliable information (single source of truth). Currently leading a diverse team of project engineers, subject matter experts (SME) and data analysts to ensure data integrity throughout the biologics research and development organization, and to make effective use of all available resources. He believes “creating more leaders is the best way to lead” and empowers his teams to excel at their strengths and improve on their weaknesses. Kevin hopes he can continue to play a part in polishing the young minds and engineers of tomorrow.