Lis Jeppesen Thodberg MSc Biology

Director, Health, Safety and Environment, NNE

Over the past 30 years I have worked as a consultant or a manager with almost every aspect of business environmental issues in relation to production and have driven the implementation of cleaner technologies, the development of cleaner products and the work towards genuine sustainability. I have hands-on expertise in the relevant tools: quality management (ISO 9001), environmental management (ISO 14001), workplace management (ISO 18001), LCA etc. I am a biologist (1988) and I have achieved a “Diploma in Management” (2012), Certificate as an ISO 9001 auditor (1996) and studied Public Governance at CBS (2013). I have achieved certification as Innovation Manager (DS 16555), and is passionate about the essence and necessity of innovation as a prerequisite for developing a modern consultancy company. I have been a manager for nearly 20 years in private companies, consulting firms and in the public sector and today, I am Director for the Health , Safety and Environment Department and NNEs Corporate Sustainability Manager. In regards to sustainability, I am not merely involved on a superficial level, but instead driven by sustainability in its essence: Being able to do business to the benefit of profit, people and planet. I am rooted in a very solid, practical experience with daily management and operation of production sites. I am a proficient and engaging speaker and facilitator in the area of environmental issues of enterprises. I have a widespread network in the environmental, energy and public sector in Scandinavia. The combination of my experiences from practical environmental work in enterprises, organisational work in municipalities and an industry organisation and the hands-on experience from strategic work in enterprises have given me a pragmatic and realistic approach to challenges in running business. Specialities: Sustainability, business environmental issues, quality management, environmental management, workplace management and innovation.