Marco Fadda

ATMP Solutions Manager, Comecer, SPA

Marco Fadda, Biomed. Eng., began as researcher in a biomechanics laboratory, investigating bone cutting quality using robot held tools, followed by development of medical robotics, together with customer training and OR support. Successively, served as executive for top brands in the Medical Device Industry, with focus to understanding medical needs and transforming them into successful and remunerative global surgical solutions.Since 2014 he is dedicated to the development of principles and solutions for managing cell manipulation, expansion and transformation in aseptic environments. Main goal is the application of principles of Isolation Technology to ATMP development and production, with integration of all the necessary process tools and devices into a Grade A environment. The final aim is to perform GMP research and production of ATMPs, under full Isolation Technology, to simplify the production processes and to automate them as much as possible, aiming at a final reduction of the COGS, for a wider acceptance and a larger possibility of use of these products.