Maria Luisa_Bernuzzi

Maria Luisa Bernuzzi

Product and Application Engineer, MesaLabs

Born in 1977, graduated in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology at the University of Pavia, Italy.

Her career started soon in the Pharmaceutical field, working as QC manager.

In 2011 she became R&D manager for an Italian group manufacturing systems and solutions for pharma industries.

Her chemical and microbiological experience led her to focus her attention on the development of new sterilization/ disinfection techniques having a multidisciplinary approach and mixing chemistry, microbiology with engineering concepts.

She has a deep knowledge and experience in validations of steam, dry heat sterilization/ depyrogenation and hydrogen peroxide decontamination and she focuses her activity on customer’s products, on developing the right technology, cycle to preserve product quality and to guarantee the microbiological quality of the product itself.

She has just joined MesaLabs as Product and Application Engineer.

She is sharing her cultural background giving lectures and training in several international events.