Mario Malinconico

Product Manager and Senior Radiochemist, Comecer

Mario Malincononico, Product Manager & Senior Radiochemist

Professional Experience:

- 10 years experience in radiopharmaceutical with extensive field experience in radiochemistry processes both in Europe and internationally. Radiochemistry experience through routine synthesis production, purification, characterization, and quality control for 18F-fluoro-deoxyglucose (FDG) and 11C-methionine / 11C-acetate in a GMP environment. Peptide labeling with 18F for oncologic use.

- Extensive experience in isotope targets handling equipment. Experience in solid targets through the production of Cu-61, Cu-64, Zr-89, Ga-68, 45-Ti, 55-Co, I-123, I-124, and Sc-44.

- Worked and managed research projects involving the production and purification of radioisotopes with a solid\liquid target system.

- Product Manager of Solid target systems, Dispensing systems, and multidose injection systems. Involved in all the new radiochemistry projects as senior radiochemist of the company.

- Managing radioactive activities using COMECER’s instruments and chemistry modules. Preparing reagents for synthesis/labeling using standard laboratory equipment.