Marlene Castro-Melchor

Genentech Inc

Doctor Castro has worked for 10 years in the biotech industry, leading tech transfers for multiple molecules. She was responsible for process performance qualification strategy for commercialization of multiple antibodies in three manufacturing facilities. She also supported their respective license applications. She has been at Genentech for the past five years. As part of the Tech Transfer Group, she leads tech transfers in and out of the Vacaville site. Prior to this role, Dr. Castro was part of the Manufacturing Sciences Cell Culture group, where she supported make-assess-release of commercial antibodies. She also worked on process characterization and validation of cell culture processes, including establishment of a scale-down model for a non-platform molecule. Prior to Genentech, she was at Bristol-Myers Squibb, working in Manufacturing Sciences Cell Culture for 5 years. Her work focused on process characterization through DOE and support to Manufacturing through clinical campaigns. Dr. Castro holds a Ph. D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota, where her research focused on genomics, transcriptomics, and machine learning models.