Matthias Müllner

SVP Technical Operations, Themis Bioscience GmbH

Matthias Müllner holds a Master’s degree in Molecular Biology from the University of Vienna and completed his Doctoral studies in 2010 at the Department of Virology and Biomedicine at the Veterinarian University of Vienna. He joined Themis Bioscience in 2011 and in his function as Head of CMC, he was responsible for the development of a stable and robust manufacturing process for Themis’ Measles based live virus vaccine platform technology. The respective process was successfully used to manufacture phase 1 and/or phase 2 clinical batches for vaccines against Chikungunya Virus (MV CHIK), Dengue Virus (MV DEN) and Zika Virus (MV ZIKA). Currently, the process is optimized for commercial vaccine production.


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