Meher Muttanapalli

Senior Quality Validation Manager, Johnson & Johnson

Meher Muttanapalli is an aspiring next generation emerging leader in Software Assurance, Quality, Compliance, Automation and IT space with an extensive experience in Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology & Medical Devices industry. Meher's current interest and work is focussed on reducing the human error's in the process of software implementations and validations by introducing well qualified automation into the life cycle and applying lean risk based approaches (e.g. CSA/GAMP5) to achieve the required Quality and Compliance based on current regulatory and industry trends. Meher has aquired great understanding, knowledge, and experience in executing Risk Management, Information Controls, Auditing principles and Software Quality Engineering through pursuing and maintaining industry renewed certifications from ASQ and ISACA (CQA/CSQE & CRISC respectively). Meher has a Master's Degree in Chemistry (Nano-Analytical) and a Bachelors in Pharmaceutical Engineering/Pharmacy. Currently Meher Muttanapalli is leading Quality & Compliance teams and processes at RAD (Robotics & Digital Solutions) focussing on CSV/CSA, Data & Records Integrity, IT Enterprise & Quality Systems Compliance, and Health/Digital Software implementation process. Meher is an active member of ISPE GAMP SIG for Software Automation and Artificial Intelligence (SA & AI), ASQ & ISACA.