Nissan Cohen

Owner, Biopharmaceutical Water Doc

A worldwide expert, with 45 years experience, in Total Organic Carbon (TOC), high purity, ultrapure, reclaim and recycle water systems, with profound expertise in instrumentation, automation, and organic contamination oxidation systems using ozone, UV, ion exchange and catalysts. Accomplished writer of over 45 technical articles published in Ultrapure Water, A2C2, Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Semiconductor International, The Journal of the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology. Four times nominated and one time recipient of Pharmaceutical Engineering’s “Article of the Year” award given to a single article out of over 100 published articles for any given year. Contributing author and Chapter Leader of “Baseline Guide for Pharmaceutical Water and Steam Systems”. Co-chairman and Coordinating Author of the “Approaches to Commissioning and Qualification of Pharmaceutical Water and Steam Systems” Good Practice Guide, Contributing author to the Good Practice Guide on Ozone, member of ISPE (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering), Technical Editor of the Journal of the Institute of Environmental and Science Technology (IEST), Technical Reviewer of Pharmaceutical Engineering, Chairman of the Water and Steam Forum of ISPE, Founder/Chair of the Discussion Forums of ISPE, Former member of the Technical Advisory Board of A2C2 magazine. Education: University of Wisconsin and Ruppin Institute – in Agriculture and Genetics. Masters and Ph.D. advanced studies in agricultural water, Hebrew University, Agriculture Faculty. Developed and Patented an Automated Flushing System for Drip Irrigation. Developed, patented, and built the first Computerization of Drip Irrigation Systems with Remote Wireless Control and Operation. Bilingual in English and Hebrew. Working knowledge of 5 additional languages. Member of International Standards Committees: ASTM E-55, IEST (WG 14644 Contamination Control), ASTM D-19.03, ISPE (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering) Steering Committee member for Communities of Practice Standards: Critical Utilities
Former Chairman of ISPE Committees: Membership Services, Publications, Pharmaceutical Engineering and Website. Former Steering Committee member of COPs: HVAC and PAT