Ohad Karnieli

CEO, Pluristem Therapeutics

Ohad Karnieli earned his Ph.D. in Biotechnology and genetic engineering from the Sackler School of medicine at Tel Aviv University. Furthermore, Dr. Karnieli earned an MBA from the graduate school of Management at the Haifa University. In his Ph.D., Dr. Karnieli developed insulin secreting cells from human mesenchymal stem cells using genetic modulations.

Prior to joining Pluristem, Dr. Karnieli served as the General Manager of High Tech Lipids, an innovative IV nutrition company; the Vice President of Research and Development in an innovative nano-biotechnology startup; and as the Vice President, Head of the Biomedical Division at Goji Solutions, where medical devices are developed using radio frequency technology. Dr. Karnieli is the founder of Karnieli Ltd., a leading molecular diagnostic and development lab.

Dr Karnieli serves as the chair of the Process and Product committee of the International society for Cell Therapy (ISCT) and the co-chair of the Science and Technology committee of the Association for Regenerative medicine (ARM).

Dr. Karnieli brings with him to Pluristem a vast managerial experience in innovation technology and a deep understanding of stem cell biology and high-tech medical applications.