Patrick Boyle

President and CEO, Skillpad Canada Inc.

Patrick Boyle served in the Canadian Air Force for 13 years, with two active-duty tours flying jets in Training and Combat Support roles. He then joined a major aircraft manufacturer and spent the next 15 years as an instructor pilot, check pilot (examiner/inspector) and test pilot, with the final 3 years as Manager of a Flight Test Center in an aircraft production/completion facility. During that time, Patrick led several teams of specialized Instructional Designers responsible for key portions of the regulatory certification of new aircraft pilot training programs where complex technology, automation, and human factors had to be combined for effective and safe flight operations.

In 2014, Patrick joined Skillpad, a leading Life Sciences Knowledge Management company, and began adapting many of the Aerospace Industry’s proven approaches for human performance in Automation Management and Situational Awareness to the challenge of training Pharmaceutical and Biotech plant employees for the realities of working in highly automated manufacturing environments, where integrated and interdependent systems are being deployed, requiring error-free performance from all those working with them.