Pierre J E Winnepenninckx

CEO, No Deviation Pte Ltd

Pierre Winnepenninckx has a Bachelor degree in Chemistry from the University of Liege and a Masters in Chemical Engineering from the Universite libre de bruxelles (Belgium). Pierre possesses a scientific mindset which is complemented by the practical approach acquired during his years as an engineer. This combination makes him a perfect fit for Design and Commissioning activities in a field that requires science and productivity. Pierre played a leading role in the Design and Qualification of several process equipment in GSK Bio (2001-2011). Pierre started his Consultancy company in 2007, since then, he has supported several Commissioning and Qualification projects in Singapore and China focussing on a risk based approach and ASTM2500E guidance. Actively involved in the ISPE since 2012 he helps the association to share knowledges and best practices