Mr. Rico Schulze

GMDP Inspector, Landesdirektion Sachsen

Rico Schulze is a qualified, registered pharmacist with an additional degree in Economics. As a GMP and GDP Inspector with the Local GxP Inspectorate of the German Federal State of Saxony (2001 – 2009 and 2011 – 2019), Rico focussed on the manufacture of sterile medicinal products. He was a Technical Officer with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Consumer Protection resp. Social Affairs and Cohesion of Saxony (2009 – 2011 and since 2019). Rico acted as Head of the German Inspectors‘ Expert Group on Radiopharmaceuticals (2009 – 2015). Rico is a member of the Advisory Board of the leading German professional journal „Pharmind – Die pharmazeutische Industrie“ since 2017 and member of SAMIRA Group – A Study on the implementation of the EURATOM and the EU legal bases with respect to the therapeutic uses of radiopharmaceuticals [tender ENER/D3/2021-253-3 (ENER/LUX/2021/OP/0017), since 2022].