Mr. Thomas Carganico

Global Marketing & Communication Director Local Equity Partner, PQE Group

Since 2013, Thomas has worked extensively within services industries across the US, UK and Europe. He provides a strong level of experience related to Digital Branding, Marketing & Strategic Business Development. He has been with PQE Group since 2017, serving as Global Marketing & Communications Director & as Equity Partner of the company. He has also been a member of ISPE since 2020, responsible for the communications area of the Italy Affiliate Committee and serving as the lead for its Emerging Leaders and Students; in 2022, Thomas was nominated by the ISPE Italy Affiliate to sit on its Board of Directors. During his years in business, he has provided strong insights through speeches and lectures on how to communicate effectively using scientific data and knowledge management, and how to lead by example for young teams and startups and how to foster a more inclusive work environment to generate long term business solutions in LifeSciences.