Tom Ross

President and CEO, Grand River Aseptic Mfg Inc

As president and chief executive officer, Tom Ross uses his extensive managerial and technical expertise to create a culture at GRAM where employees can maximize their performance. A skilled communicator, Tom helps develop teams to create compliant processes and systems that deliver results to clients.

During his career, Tom has held senior executive roles at a large, publicly held pharmaceutical company and at leading, smaller entrepreneurial organizations. He spent eight years at Perrigo Company, a multi-billion-dollar generic and OTC pharmaceutical company, where he served on the executive committee and led the financial team. Tom left Perrigo to help set up the processes, systems and infrastructure for two smaller, high-growth companies. He also served as managing director at DWH, LLC, a consulting company focused on helping emerging businesses maximize value. Tom, who joined GRAM in 2013, received his bachelor’s in accounting from Michigan State University and completed coursework for an MBA at the University of Miami.