Vinny_Browning III

Vinny Browning III

QC Global Network Leader and Global Process Owner, Amgen

As the Executive Director of Commercial Attributes Sciences, Vinny oversees the day to day support of methods being transferred, validated, and executed at Amgen’s Commercial sites. He is also accountable for forensics in support of consumables, raw materials, and process as well as Data Sciences and Engineering Team who proactively monitors Amgen’s process, product, and method data. In his previous role, he was the QC Global Network Leader, QC Global Process Owner, and Director of the QC Center accountable for setting the overall QC Testing Strategy for the company and ensuring alignment from a regulatory perspective across QC. Vinny has held several different roles over his 22 year career, including Site Head of a Testing and Research Facility in the U.K., Director of QC Bioanalytics, Sr. Manager of Contract Testing, Critical Reagents, and Raw Materials Laboratories, as well as a QC Bioanalytical Testing Analyst.