Vladislav Shestakov

Deputy Head of the Russian State GMP Inspectorate, Russia State Institute of Drugs and Good Practices

Before the current appointment, Director Shestakov chaired the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Department of All-Russia Public Organization (Business Russia).
Honorary Chemist, certified GMP inspector and auditor, Director Shestakov is also Head of Good Practices Committee for professional qualification of the National Pharmaceutical Chamber. Director Shestakov has been actively engaged in the public healthcare and pharmaceutical industry since 1997.
In early 2000 Mr. Shestakov was Deputy Director General of the Irbitsky Chemical Plant. In 2001 – as Vice President of the Russian Medical Production Association (RosMedProm) – he initiated activities aimed at the low-price pharmaceutical production and offered manufacturers a whole number of cost-effective recommendations for their product portfolios. In 2002 he headed Sales Department of German company ChemoPharm’s office in Moscow. Worked as Deputy Director General in Makiz-Pharma Ltd. in 2004 and became Director General of the Skopin Pharmaceutical Plant in 2005. In 2007 held the position of Director for Government and Public Relations in NGO (Alliance of professional pharmaceutical organizations).
In 2008 he was offered the post of President at EpidBioMed corporation. In 2009 Mr. Shestakov managed Business Development Department in (BinnoPharm) company. After he left the Usolye-Sibirskoye Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plant where he was Director General’s Adviser in 2011-2012, Mr. Shestakov took the position of NanoLek company’s first deputy Director General from 2012 through 2013.
As of November, 27 2013, Mr. Shestakov was appointed as Director of the FSI (State Institute of Blood Substitutes and Medical Preparations) (later renamed as State Institute of Drugs and Good Practices). As of 2003, he is a regular lecturer of professional development programs on managing commercial and government organizations, as well as specialized programs in pharmacy and pharmaceutical production. He is a certified international GMP inspector of the World Health Organization.