Wifred Mascarenhas

Executive Director - Data & Analytics, Eli Lilly

Wilfred is a highly experienced strategic thinker with a deep passion for innovation and a relentless focus on delivery. With a career spanning over two decades, he has established himself as a prominent figure in the field of data analytics and strategic planning. As an inclusive leader, Wilfred is known for his ability to bring diverse teams together and foster an environment of collaboration and creativity. He is a risk-taker by nature, always willing to push the boundaries and explore new possibilities. Throughout his career, Wilfred has embraced a "learn fast" mindset, recognizing the importance of continuous improvement and adaptation in today's rapidly evolving landscape. His expertise lies in implementing analytics strategies for the Digital Plant of the future, where he combines his strategic acumen with a deep understanding of emerging technologies. Currently serving as the Executive Director at a leading organization, Wilfred leads the data analytics role and next-generation data strategy and architecture in manufacturing and Quality IT at Lilly. Prior to this role, he held various leadership positions, including Senior Director and Advisor for Data and Analytics.