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Automation for the Integration of Single-Use Equipment

Jun 28, 2022 11:15am ‐ Jun 28, 2022 11:45am

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Single-use (SU) technologies have been increasingly incorporated into the manufacture of biopharmaceutical products over recent years. While the reasons for implementing such systems are compelling, there are still some concerns related to their use. Process automation is one such concern and is often considered a weak point of SU technology. Automation islands are frequent phenomena and integrating the equipment in larger automation environments remains challenging.

There are extensive ranges of SU equipment on the market, including an array of bioreactors, for example, with different configuration options. As far as software is concerned, in most cases, one single solution is offered, which is based on the supplier's own standard. The situation is similar with measurement technology: each supplier relies on its own special standard thus reducing flexibility. There is usually a need for a single, specific standard that applies to the operation of the entire plant and allows the integration of new equipment at any time without issue. In the case of existing facilities, it is important to be able to maintain the established, prevailing standard. This means that solutions adapted to specific requirements are called for when it comes to the integration of SU, metrology and sensor technology.


  • Josef Herzog, Associate Director Automation, Zeta Automation GmbH


Credits: None available.

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