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Retrofit and Debottleneck Your Facility

Jun 28, 2022 12:15pm ‐ Jun 28, 2022 12:45pm

Credits: None available.


Companies have used CMO’s to supplement the production or have build new facilities to meet market demands. But covid has resulted in backlogs and capacity shortage at CMO’s, in particular in fill finish. The supply chain issues and inflation, raising the cost and stretching delivery dates, make building of new facilities less attractive as well. This makes that retrofitting and debottleneck existing facilities have become an attractive alternative.

Retrofitting for new products with higher titers impact the purification operations and the buffer system supporting this purification. Bottlenecks created by solution prep, purified water systems and CIP systems are common challenges in retrofitting and debottlenecking. These challenges can be addressed with technological developments. For example, closed processing, single use technology, in-line dilution or buffer formulation and others are great tools in a retrofitting and debottlenecking toolbox.

This presentation will discuss common challenges and solutions used in case studies that have supported retrofitting and debottlenecking of existing facilities.


  • Ronald A. Berk, Chief Technical Officer, Hyde Engineering + Consulting Inc


Credits: None available.

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