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Liquid Chromatography Digital Twin Framework

Jun 29, 2022 9:30am ‐ Jun 29, 2022 9:52am

Credits: None available.


Herein, we present a liquid chromatography digital twin framework with an objective to facilitate real time monitoring, prediction, and optimization of chromatographic processes. By utilizing the digital twin framework, the necessary experiments carried out are limited to validation purposes only with significant impact on time to market and material cost.

The fundamental parts of the liquid chromatography digital twin framework are:
• Aspen Chromatography for simulation for design & optimization of chromatographic separation processes.
• Design Expert for setting up the experimental protocol for obtaining cause and effect models.
• Aspen Unscrambler for converting the simulations in Aspen Chromatography to statistical models based on the experimental protocol.
• Aspen Process Pulse for utilizing the statistical models for performing monitoring and prediction (optimization would have been carried out in the offline mode) in real time.

In this case study, the framework establishes a real time digital twin reflecting a liquid chromatography column that separates a mixture of an enantiomer of the essential amino acid D- and L-Threonine, yielding the optimal design based on several factors such as eluent flow rate, column height and particle radius.



Credits: None available.

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