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2023 Aseptic Conference

SES103b - Benefits of Robotics in a CDMO Environment – A case study at PSM GmbH about using a gloveless robotic filling system for aseptic fill & finish in the light of CCS

‐ Mar 6, 2023 12:00pm

This presentation will give a detailed overview how robotic filling technologies can contribute to higher process safety, reliability and ulitmately highest product yield in a CDMO environment. Robotic applications can add significant benefits to a companies CCS when used and applied in compliance with pharma standards. Examples will be shown on how traditional manual operations in machine set-up and machine operation can be automated to eliminate human interventions into the aseptic areas to follow Annex 1. There will be a special focus on the impact when processing smaller batches with high value API and the flexibility given by such technologies. A comparison with pro´s and con´s is also shown between traditional filling lines and robotic filling lines.

Special focus will be on:
• Contamination control strategy
• Isolator and machine design
• Automation of manual handling steps
• Process flow for a fully automated filling line
• Annex 1 compliance


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