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2023 Aseptic Conference

SESp3a - Opportunity and Growth: How Supply Chain Challenges in Sterilization Methods Could Impact the Manufacturing of Sterile Dosage Forms

‐ Mar 7, 2023 10:30am

The last four years have seen unprecedented pressures on contract sterilization capacity due to supply constraints as well as evolving regulatory challenges. This has forced an entire industry to adapt. The current landscape has provided an opportunity to re-evaluate how we sterilize the components that go into making our sterile dosage forms. It has also provided a much needed shift in momentum to push for change, drive towards process improvements, and embrace newer sterilization technologies, all with the goal of meeting the needs of patients.

This presentation will examine the evolution of what drives our sterilization technology choices as the industry focus shifts to supply chain optimization and sustainability. The presentation will also cover specific examples of adaptations, innovation and collaboration that have helped drive this change. We will explore how our drive for simplicity and efficiency was a factor in causing our current challenges, and how a broader understanding of the science behind our processes is providing a lasting solution.


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