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2023 Aseptic Conference

sesws4 - Barrier Systems in Annex 1: RABS and Isolators

‐ Mar 7, 2023 3:15pm

Barrier Systems in Annex 1: RABS and Isolators Group Discussion | In the new Annex 1, Barrier Systems such as RABS and Isolators are mentioned up to 29 times. RABS or Isolators - what is the right choice to comply with the new Annex 1 and make it attractive for the operators working with the technology? This breakout group will discuss these topics: retrofitting existing filling lines, open versus closed RABS, background requirements of open or closed Isolators, Transfer Technologies like E-Beam, Airlocks, Glove Manage, and Contamination Control Strategy.

Get in contact with the experts and use the opportunity to discuss different topics in a small group with other attendees. This session is every year one of the highlights on the second day with a lot of knowledge exchanges and many times important questions are discussed and solved. Get ready and bring your questions to the breakout session.

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