William G. Whitford

Life Science Strategic Solutions Leader, DPS Group

Bill Whitford is the Life Science Strategic Solutions Leader for DPS Group Strategic Consulting Team, supporting innovative therapeutics and developing life science solutions. He had been an R&D Leader, developing and commercializing over 40 distinct products supporting diverse biomedical and biomanufacturing applications including products supporting and protein and vaccine production in mammalian and invertebrate cell lines. An invited lecturer at international conferences, Bill has published over 300 articles, book chapters and patents in the bioproduction arena. He now enjoys serving on such boards and committees as the Editorial Advisory Board of BioProcess International. Bill’s recent publications involve processes and facilities supporting sustainable biomanufacturing, Industry 4.0 and digitalization, bioreactor model-based prediction and control, bioprocess intensification, continuous biomanufacturing, applications in cell and gene therapy, exosome production and isolation, 3D bioprinting, theranostics and biointelligent manufacturing.