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VL21CEMAR1/SES107 - Modular Robotic Fill/Finish Lines

‐ Mar 16, 2021 10:15am

Modular Robotic Fill/Finish Lines | The use of robotics is a hot topic in pharma, particularly in the area of fill/finish. While robots are able to accomplish numerous tasks, in aseptic processing, their use is primarily for container handling or replacing a classical transport system. They provide very smooth individual transport and, from a line perspective, a completely modular approach. More and more experts are claiming this is not enough. Robotics can and should do more like settle plate handling, trouble shooting, gloveless operation, quick change over, easy efficient cleaning/washing, increased product and operator safety to name some of the possibilities. The need for expanding the use of robotics into a variety of functions was a key topic of discussion during last year’s Aseptic Conference. This year’s session has been designed to continue that conversation and learn from industry experts who are moving forward with implementation.