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VL21CEMAR1/SES108 - Single Use Technologies - Are they sustainable?

‐ Mar 16, 2021 12:15pm

Single Use Technologies - Are they sustainable? | Over more than two decades, the pharmaceutical industry has increasingly adopted single-use technologies primarily to simplify manufacturing and seemingly to reduce cost; however, the need to reduce environmental burden has a huge impact on these facilities. This session will focus on single-use technologies for gene and cell therapy facilities, while considering the impact on sustainability.

Our first presenter will investigate the impact of single-use with respect to proper cleaning, disposal, and handling, and how it relates to vaccine production including Industry 4.0 and implementation of the 6R's.

Our second presenter will discuss the unique nature of Advanced Therapy Facilities including the advantages and disadvantages of single-use and modular clean room technology as well as flexible manufacturing for gene and cell therapies.