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OT/ICS Cyber Security for Pharma 4.0, Compliance and Sustainability

‐ Apr 25, 2022 3:10pm

The scope of this session if to make you aware about what a CEO/COO need to know to help your company to keep plants more secure about cyber risk. After a brief introduction on the importance to protect system and networks at the Plant Level, presenting risks and threats to be faced, we'll speak about what to do and don't especially in real-life for Pharma 4.0 environment in order to implement a correct Cyber Security posture and hygene program to be ready to prevent cyber incidents that could affect data integrity, product quality, operation continuity, sustainability and compliance. We'll present also the outcome of the Italian ISPE/GAMP CyberSecurity Working Group: a self assessment tool developped to understand the company posture about the Cyber Security, in order to address the cyber risk, attribute priorities, drive management in the direction of a remediation plan and calculate a sustainable budget for required activities.


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