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Expanding Your Footprint: Opportunities in Biotech presented by Women in Pharma®

‐ Jun 28, 2022 3:00pm

The biotechnology industry has changed as a result of the pandemic and has accelerated innovation at an unprecedented pace. As we evolve into a new era of biotechnology, the science and future scientific research will pioneer the pathway to cutting-edge technologies, modalities, and patient-centric therapies.   

This collaborative Think Tank panel discussion, sponsored by Women in Pharma ®, will engage all conference attendees in a thought-provoking conversation about the future opportunities for the industry. Designed for everyone, regardless of their level of experience, this session will guide all participants to think of the future from a personal, professional, and industry level: From regulators and industry leaders to young professionals and students, collaboration and engagement between academia, research and development, and industry will be encouraged. All participants will have the opportunity to share new innovative ideas and gain insights to broaden their footprint as they either embark on or continue their pathway in this impactful and exciting industry.