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Innovations and Emerging Technologies in Projects, Ramp-up & Production

‐ Nov 1, 2022 5:00pm

With the increasing demand of personalized medicine, new technology is emerging that is at the forefront of front-end facility design that eliminates errors, cross-contamination, failure, and shutdowns; minimizes the timeline to market; and maximizes the output of any facility. The use of digital twins during design and the implementation of a robust operational advocacy campaign that combines the learnings from previous start-ups and operations with augmented reality (AR) design walk-throughs can lead to more effective first-time facility start-up’s and minimize the operational changes needed to bring facilities online faster. 

The use of this technology becomes imperative when the output of the facility is personalized medicine and there is only one chance of success within a confined timeline so there can be no errors or shutdowns with the facility design and its operation. Additional technologies used by such facilities identify those legacy technologies could lead to downtime so companies in the pharmaceutical industry are using collaboration to introduce new technologies that are more responsive, modular, and cost-effective than their legacy counterparts.