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Lessons Learned Chartering a 4.0 Digital Transformation

‐ Jan 31, 2023 12:15pm

Lessons Learned Chartering a 4.0 Digital Tranformation
Pharma, just like every industry, faces unique opportunities and challenges in deploying Industry 4.0. Opportunities include that innovation is part of our industry DNA as we develop new, life-changing drugs. Many pharma firms also have access to capital to build state of the art new facilities or upgrade existing facilities. On the downside, our industry is highly regulated. Stringent requirements for making changes (improvements), documenting our work, and validating our processes are examples where we can get slowed down as compared to other, less regulated industries. How would you have done things differently if you could start your digital transformation project over? That is the golden question, and it is exactly what this session aims to answer for attendees. This session will provide multiple case studies, real-world lessons, and a "start with the end in mind" strategy to help your next digital project succeed. The session explores topics like increased productivity, governance and internal alignment, impacts on your workforce, modifications to facility design, and the absolute need for unwavering security.


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