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How Data Mapping Helps for Pharma 4.0

‐ May 10, 2023 9:55am

How Data-centric Mapping Leads Towards Pharma 4.0™ |

One of the principal tenets of Pharma 4.0 states that “Digitalization will open new horizons to achieve new levels of connectivity, transparency, agility and productivity through the application of faster and more accurate information for decision-making.”

The main question is: how to start the transition from Pharma 3.0 towards Pharma 4.0?

We start with well-known process mapping, which is called process-centered process mapping, followed by the concept of data-oriented process mapping, which will lead to full understanding of your data flow, ready for the digital world. The data-oriented process maps, are placed in the RAMI architecture, specifically designed for the industry 4.0 environment, resulting in an analysis of the current situation. The analysis provides input for the working plan describing how to reach the desired data integrated level, needed for the transformation towards Pharma 4.0.

The presentation provides insights into process maps, data flows as well as system integration in the pharmaceutical industry with a focus on data integrity issues using the context of the RAMI model. In addition,  an emphasis is placed on the practical aspect of how to access the necessary data, and what this means from an engineering and system integration perspective.


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